Monday, March 29, 2010

Defiance At Its Finest

Ok, so I'm eating lunch with my daughter yesterday when she shares with me that she had a nutritional quiz last week. Of course I'm thinking "Uh oh" and am wondering what kind of questions, or should I say, brainwashing, is going on at the fourth grade level.

Before I had a chance to ask her what kinds of questions they asked her she told me one of them;

The question asked "Pick the healthiest snack from the foods listed below;"

A. apple
B. potato chips
C. cookie
D. ice cream

So what does my daughter do, who btw knows the correct way to eat? She tells me that she wrote an E. under the D. and writes 'none of the above' and circles that as her answer. Yes, the water I was drinking did indeed come out of my nose.

So then I asked how she did on the test to which she happily exclaims "Oh, I failed that one." Then she quickly added that it was a practice quiz and didn't count as her grade. When I asked her what her teacher thought would be the right answer she said 'apple' and then immediately responded that an apple contains way too much sugar and is a dangerous thing to eat as a snack.

You go girl!

So here's just another example as to how my daughter knows more about nutrition than the vast majority of medical professionals.

dr jim