Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Very First Podcast Ever! How nostalgic...:-)

It was with Jimmy Moore creator of the Livin La Vida Low Carb web site that I had my first podcast interview. Since then, Jimmy has acquired National recognition as an individual who understands at a very in-depth level the importance of eating low carbs for one's lifetime. His website has received and continues to receive hundreds of thousands of hits from readers all over the world. I was and continue to be honored to have had an opportunity to discuss the importance of low carbs with Jimmy!

Click here to listen to my very first podcast and enjoy!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Click here to listen to Jimmy's 500th Podcast! He is truly an inspiration to all of us Low-Carb/Paleo individuals who UNDERSTAND the correct way to eat!


dr jim :-)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Dr Jim Original....

Every now and then a new joke pops into my head. I never know when it will happen, it just does. Yesterday was one of those days. The following joke came to me as I was seeing patients and just in time for Halloween;

'Why did the Vampire need to see the lung doctor?'

'Because he was always Coffin!'

I know, I know kinda corny but hey, I made that up all by my lonesome. I'm soooooo bloody clever. LOL.

Other Dr Jim originals;

'Why did the spider want a computer?'

'Because she wanted her own web page!'

Notice how I used the pronoun she as I believe only female spiders weave webs. How about;

'Why did one paramecium make the other paramecium laugh?'

Because he was acting very cilia!'


'Why was the salt molecule making sodium and chloride nervous?'

'Because it had its ion them!'

And finally,

'Why did the lady mold like hanging out with the guy mold?'

'Because he was a real fungi !'

Don't worry, I wont quit my day job.........yet :-)

dr jim :-)

Monday, September 19, 2011

The CDC Reports 'Kids May Not Be Drinking Enough Low Fat Milk!' Thank God For That!

Click here to read the's really scary.

OK, first off, thank goodness our children are drinking mainly whole milk. Forget my take on why we shouldn't be drinking milk from another species, I'm thankful our kids are drinking more whole milk irregardless of that. (As a side note, I was told by one of my blog readers that on a farm there will often times be intermingling of  calves suckling on a sheep and vice-versa, but let's stick with the topic at hand; I'm a city boy anyway, my idea of a farm is Pepperidge Farm :-)

The geniuses at the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics are obviously still holding on tenaciously to the misbelief that fat, especially saturated fat, is bad for us. Not only do the representatives need to read my book (click here to order my soon to be # 1 best-seller :-), but Gary Taube's Good Calories, Bad Calories as well. My input on Taube's book is that it should be the last book anyone has to write or read on the correct way to eat. Unfortunately, it will not be.

The article gives statistical breakdowns about how children at the poverty level drink more whole milk than the upper echelon, who drink more low fat stuff; but the bottom line is that neither the CDC nor the American Academy of Pediatrics understands the correct way to eat. Does this frighten anyone?

The most disturbing comment from that article was the following;

"The overall low consumption of low-fat milk suggests the majority of children and adolescents do not adhere to recommendations by Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010, and the American Academy of Pediatrics for all children aged 2 years and over to drink low-fat milk," the report said.

Well, thank goodness for that!!!!
Before I read this disturbing article, I was reading an article about the increasing rates of ADD; think there's a connection, I do. Suggesting  children age 2 and older drink low fat milk is just plain wrong! These children, because of the incorrect recommendations of those HUGE organizations, will not be giving their still developing brains what they need to develop correctly! I wonder how many millions of people will read this crazy article and start forcing their children to drink the low fat milk crap. And people wonder why the title of my book is GENOCIDE, followed by exclamation points !!!!

As I've been stressing throughout my blog post rants is that major organizations who disseminate information to millions of people, when it comes to how we should be eating are still perpetuating the low fat, low cholesterol myth. When will this stop?

Got me....

But until it stops my ranting and ravings will continue. Uh oh, I just had a thought. What if they do get it one day, what the heck am I going to write about? As a side note the reason I started calling my blog a 'rant' is because one of my critics on Amazon (you can actually read his comments if you go to Amazon, or just click here and scroll through my reviews  ) referred to my book as a 'ranting and raving' which I actually kinda liked :-)

As far the article above, I have no comments on the sugary sodas and soft-drinks because you all know where I stand on that one.

Have a great rest of the week everyone!

dr jim :-)

Friday, September 16, 2011


First off, I want to thank my blog readers for putting up with my 'educational' rants and for sending me what's happening and incorrect information being disseminated in other parts of our Nation. I received this next Q & A article from one of my followers (I'll leave your name out to protect you from any repercussions of the truth :-) and it originated from The Heart Hospital Baylor situated in Plano, Texas. I'll put my comments in parenthetical italics like I did last week.

This is from THE HEART HOSPITAL Baylor Plano, TX website.  (Wow, the 'Heart Hospital' sounds impressive)


Q: What is the scoop on high-protein diets? I've been losing weight easily since I stopped eating bread, bagels, pasta, and other fattening carbohydrates. Is this a good way to lose weight? 

(I love the way the question stated fattening carbohydrates, that's exactly what they are)

A: High-protein diets are not a good way to lose weight. When the high-protein craze first began about 20 years ago many thought it was the answer. But clearly it was not: Americans are heavier than ever. Why should high-protein diets work any differently today?

(Hey, numnuts, first off low carbohydrate dieting as an effective way to lose weight has been around for hundreds of years. Ever hear of 'Banting' ? This was shown to be a very effective way to loose weight at the turn of the century. What craze and how can you even state that' clearly it is not? YOU are part of the problem. Yes, Americans are heavier than ever because they are eating more LOW FAT and LOW CHOLESTEROL foods which will be top loaded with carbohydrates. And another thing, they're NOT 'high-protein diets' you fool, they're lower carb, and more appropriate amounts of fat, cholesterol and protein.)

Carbohydrates are not fattening, nor is protein slimming, despite popular belief. Weight is lost by creating a calorie deficit. Just as you will gain weight if you eat extra calories, you will lose weight if you eat fewer calories. Period.

('Carbohydrates are not fattening' ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!?????????  Did you ever hear about Glycolysis giving rise to Pyruvate which when decarboxylated gives rise to Acetyl CoA the starting point for fatty acid synthesis. Have you heard of Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase (ACC), 'a biotin dependent enzyme that catalyzes the IRREVERSIBLE carboxylation of Acetyl-CoA to produce Malonyl-CoA' and that 'the most important function of ACC is to provide the Malonyl-CoA substrate for the biosynthesis of fatty acids' this was taken right from Wikipedia, I added the caps. Obviously, you don't have a clue that what you saying is just plain WRONG!!! I mean really??!! 'Nor is protein slimming' you go on to write. Ummmm, yes it is. So long you're not overconsuming carbs with it. I will concede that there are glucogenic amino acids out there that our bodies can convert into glucose, so be careful with the protein, but if one starts eating strictly protein (which I do not promote as there was something called the Last Chance Diet back in the 70's which was all protein and little carbs and fat which was killing people) you will lose weight. 'Weight is lost by eating a calorie deficit diet' Oh yeah, the old calorie in-calorie out crap. IT DOESNT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you worked with any patients on this, obviously not. By the way, CALORIES ARE IRRELEVANT IN HUMAN NUTRITION!!!!!!!! Looks like yopu need to go back and re-read your biochemical textbooks, I mean did yopu even study biochemistry....did you?? And who is this yopu character? I love this one 'Period.' Uh huh, that's the final word, like 'Yeah man I got this all worked out, I'm the dude who knows what I'm talking about so dont dare question me.')
The reason why these high protein diets are so popular is because they seem to work, and work quickly. In the end, though, they will fail. 
(Once again, they are not high-protein diets showing the profound ignorance of the person writing this crap; and they are popular because they work, THAT'S WHY I TELL MY PATIENTS TO EAT THIS WAY YOU FOOL!!! Am I living a mass delusion? Are my thousands upon thousand off patients who have come off meds, who had their labwork come back excellent, are we all living a mass delusion??!! "In the end they will fail.' Really, well Ill have you know I'm still waiting for that 'end' to arise. I haven't seen it and this is after being involved with low-carb eating for the last 14 years.)
Dieters who eat low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets lose weight quickly at first due to water loss. When you first stop eating carbs, you lose body water. This is because the carbohydrates you eat are stored as glycogen in your muscles and liver. Glycogen is heavy with water. When you begin to diet and you do not eat carbohydrates, your body taps into these glycogen stores for quick energy. As you deplete glycogen, you lose water, and you lose weight, in the form of water, quickly. When you begin to eat carbohydrates again, two to four pounds or more of water weight is rapidly regained.

(I love that 'due to water loss' mumbo jumbo. Uh huh, so when I lost 70 LBs that was all water huh? When my friends Jimmy and Greg lost well over a hundred fifty pounds that was all water---Are YOU KIDDING ME?? I will concede one point though, when we start a low carb diet there is a diuretic effect, which is why blood pressure drops independently of weight loss, but the vast majority of weight loss is from the utilization of free fatty acids for fuel and these fatty acids come directly form adipocytes (ya fat cells). '
This is because the carbohydrates you eat are stored as glycogen in your muscles and liver. Glycogen is heavy with water.' This is partly true, but anyone engaged with a low fat, low cholesterol diet will overconsume carbs, glycogen stores will be quickly re-stored and all the excess carbs will now be stored as fat. Let me also add that glucogenic amino-acids, free fatty acids and the glycerol backbone of triglycerides can also be used to create glycogen, so we dont even need to consume carbs at all to replete glycogen stores. Just for the record, the amount of glycogen stored in the muscle is very little (around 1-3 % of body mass depending on your citation) and about 8 % of the mass of the liver and as an aside the liver is the only organ which can supply other tissues with glycogen. 'When you begin to diet and you do not eat carbohydrates, your body taps into these glycogen stores for quick energy.' Actually, glycogen is often referred to as a 'secondary' fuel source, not primary. Yes, your body will tap into these glycogen stores, but when someone lowers their carb intake, the metabolic picture changes and we begin to utilize our primary source of energy which is free fatty acids.'As you deplete glycogen, you lose water, and you lose weight, in the form of water, quickly. When you begin to eat carbohydrates again, two to four pounds or more of water weight is rapidly regained.' While this is minisculely true, look at what I just stated was the percentage of glycogen in the muscles and liver, 3 % and 8 % respectively. Those percentages pertain to the weight of the muscle and the liver, NOT overall body weight. Lets look at the weight of a typical liver. The average weight of a human liver is about 3 LBs or   1/40th of our bodyweight. 8 % of 3 pounds equals 0.24 pounds, hardly a lot of weight at all. Skeletal muscle comprises 40% of our overall weight. Taking into consideration and I'll use the higher percentage of 3 %, this means that 3 % of that 40% consists of glycogen. So let's do some simple calculations. Using 200 LBs as a guide, this means that in a 200 Lb human; 0.03 x .40 x 200 equals 2.4 LBs. Summing all this up, in a 200 LB person, one will see a 2.4 lb weight loss with complete depletion of glycogen stores. But we need to account for the fact that water is stored along with glycogen, so how much is stored along with the glycogen and how much weight are we talking about here. Any google search will reveal that about 2.7 grams of H2O combine with 1 gram of glycogen. Converting 2.4 LBs into grams we get 1088.62 grams. Now we need to multiply by 2.7 grams to get the actual grams lost, this equals 2939.27 grams; converting back to pounds we get about 6.5 LBs of water and glycogen weight. But we need to add back the glycogen weight as glycogen will be replenished lowering the actual weight lost to 6.5-2.4 = 4.10 LBs. So the 2-4 LBs weight loss fits with this calculation. Riddle me this, where did my other 65 LBs of weight loss come from...obviously by depleting my fat stores. Why do all the self-proclaimed nutritionists always hang their hat on glycogen stores and water loss, it is minuscule at best.)

 High-protein diets are more filling than high-carbohydrate diets because protein foods linger longer in the stomach. This satiety factor helps you consume fewer calories so you create a calorie deficit, which causes weight loss. The problem is, restrictive high-protein diets, which may have you eating eggs or meat for breakfast, minus the toast and orange juice, will leave you craving carbohydrates. This sets you up for overeating carbohydrate-rich foods like sweets, pasta, and breads.

 (Actually, if one consumes strictly protein and low fat, carbs and cholesterol they will not feel full and will crave more food. Protein digestion does indeed begin in the stomach from the effects of hydrochloric acid and an enzyme called pepsin but it certainly doesn't linger there unless there is some other kind of disease process causing this. There is no satiety factor with strictly protein consumption, satiety is created by the presence of fats and cholesterol in our diet. I don't understand how eating eggs (with the fat and cholesterol yolk) and meat will leave anyone 'craving' carbs. This is simply false. Eating strictly protein will leave you hungry and you will want to eat because you are hungry; if you're on a high-protein diet, which no-one who understands the correct way to eat will ever promote, you will get hungry quicker and reach for the food that's on your diet plan----more protein. One who follows a low fat, low cholesterol diet will crave more carbs because this is essentially what they are eating.)

The pertinent question is not what is the best way to lose weight quickly, but rather what is the best way to keep weight off once you have lost it. A diet that offers short-term success through drastic measures probably won't help keep weight off long-term. How long can you endure eating all meat and few carbs? Certainly not for a lifetime.

 (I agree with the first sentence..I Know, I know, calm down everyone...but who's talking about short-term success? And what drastic measures? And yes, I've kept my weight off and stayed off meds for over 14 years; I have many patients who have been eating the correct way longer than me and they remain healthy. The 'Certainly, not for a lifetime' comment is a smug, ignorant, arrogant statement made by someone who hasn't a clue what they're talking about. If you want to be and remain healthy for a lifetime and stay off meds then you need to stay on lower carbs and more appropriate amounts of protein, fat and cholesterol.)

The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat what you like to eat, but 20 percent less of it. This creates a small calorie deficit that will leave you content, but not full, and allow you to lose weight and function normally in a carbohydrate world without feeling denied or deprived. It's the key for long-term success. 

 (I like the way this ignorant buffoon used the phrase 'carbohydrate world' because indeed it is. But that doesn't mean we should be eating all these carbs. We live in a carbohydrate world because we continue to believe that eating fat and cholesterol is bad for us. WE CREATED THIS  CARBOHYDRATE WORLD!!! Just because we created it, does not mean it is the correct way to eat!! Eating 20 % less of what? I don't get it. Alright, my fingers are getting tired, I'm done.)

 It must be reiterated that that Q & A forum or whatever is coming out of a proclaimed 'Heart Hospital.' If that doesn't scare the crap out of anyone then I haven't truly gotten my message across. OK everyone, have a great weekend and have some nice fatty steaks and egg yolks because that's what I'll be doing. Oh, by the way, who was the author of that 'answer' anyway.....

 dr jim :-)
Video of Correct Way to Eat
My Critique of USDA 2010 MisGuidelines 

Friday, September 9, 2011

This Is The Stuff That Just Really Makes Me Angry!!!!!

OK, so I have an anger management problem.....whatever! But let me relate to you what got my goat this morning. I get these complimentary Web MD magazines  to place in my waiting room. I notice one of the articles was entitled FOOD SMARTS: White House Chef's 5 Lunchbox Tips, on p. 44. So of course and once again against my better judgment, I flip over to page 44 and begin reading the article.

I really don't understand why I do this to myself. I know darn well that all the foods we shouldn't be eating are going to be listed, but what the hey....maybe this will be the day that I'll actually read an article where they got it right.......Unfortunately, this ain't the day. My comments will be italicized and in parentheses (like I need to tell you that :-) and below each day.....

OK, so let's go through the '5 Lunchbox Tips' that Master Chef  Sam Kiss of the Whitehouse proposes and how he wants to poison our children (by the way on p. 48 of this issue he is standing in front of our First Lady and it looks like they're doing the train dance or something).

MONDAY-Turkey wrap made with lettuce and a slice of cheddar cheese (hmmm, this sounds good, maybe they've finally got it?) on a whole-wheat tortilla  baby carrots, grapes and two small oatmeal cookies (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 

Let's summarize Monday's mostly poisonous Lunch Box-Turkey wrap, lettuce and cheddar cheese--all good. Whole wheat tortilla, baby carrots, grapes and two small oatmeal cookies-all bad. Evidently the geniuses at the White House haven't a clue that sugar is sugar is sugar and accept the wolves in sheep's clothing.By allowing our children to eat the tortilla etc we are providing them with more sugar further perpetuating our obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cholesterol epi (pan) demic.

TUESDAY-Whole wheat pasta tossed with pesto (what the heck is pesto and what kid would even like it, I mean, really??!!),chopped cooked spinach, applesauce and two whole grain crackers (Huh?)

Our kids are like totally in trouble with this Tuesday meal! The only thing good for us here is the spinach, but then where's our protein, fat and cholesterol for this meal? Even the sugar found in the spinach, that's right there's sugar in spinach once the carbs are broken down. And yes, the body can convert even the sugar from spinach into cholesterol and fat. Don't believe me, then go back and relearn your biochemical pathways because I have no time for yopu right now! That's right yopu, I have no time for you.....ummmm, who's yopu??

WEDNESDAY-Sliced chicken on whole-wheat bread spread with hummus (WHAT KID OUT THERE LIKES HUMMUS??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!),small low sugar yogurt, baby carrots and two fig bars (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

OK, sliced chicken was a nice start but then, huh?!! I mean hummus for my kid, are you kidding me? Does anyone really even like hummus...disgusting. And then the rest of the poisonous lunch box is simply sugar and sugar and sugar...this is bad, really, really bad....How about you just pack a rattlesnake in the lunch box, it's a quicker way to get to where you're going to eventually wind up anyway.....

THURSDAY-Tiny sandwiches made with a dollop of tuna salad (why a 'dollop' that's the best part ya morons, aside from the possible mercury and arsenic toxicity...oh yeah, I just thought of another Dr. Jim original just in time for Halloween "What kind of witch likes deli-meat?"..."A sand-witch." Or, "What kind of witch likes the beach?" Yup, that's right, "A sand-witch." I'm so bloody clever....), between two cucumber slices (ahhhhh, I get the dollop now...anything more and you'll have a dollop on the floor...), kids can assemble them at lunch (not happening, trust me on this one), a quartered orange, two celery sticks filled with peanut butter, and two whole grain crackers.

OK, do I really even need to elaborate on this one..I just want to finish already.....

Thank God It's

 FRIDAY-Cheese quesadilla made with a whole wheat or vegetable tortilla, diced tomatoes, red pepper or your child's favorite vegetable (uh, huh, what would that be..spinach, broccoli?), an apple, a banana, and two small chocolate chip cookies (I mean like why do the chocolate chip cookies have to be small, make them extra-super-mega size...what's the difference, most of this lunch is sugar anyway)

 Not understanding that sugar is sugar is sugar lies at the foundation of this very disturbing weekly lunch menu. They might as well have created the following menu;

MONDAY-Ring ding.

TUESDAY-Devil dog.




It's the same thing; the same darn thing! Oh, I can hear some of you screaming "Wait, but there's chicken and cheddar cheese and peanut butter and tuna!!"  While you are correct and those are indeed our friends, the sugar content far outweighs any good this "White House' menu will provide. My final comment "Be afraid, very, very afraid as to where we are heading health-wise and do not adhere to the My Plate campaign."

Ahhhhh, I feel so much better now and thanks once again for listening to my rant for today! Now it's time to spell check :-) Have a great weekend everyone!

Dr jim 
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