Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Dr Jim Original....

Every now and then a new joke pops into my head. I never know when it will happen, it just does. Yesterday was one of those days. The following joke came to me as I was seeing patients and just in time for Halloween;

'Why did the Vampire need to see the lung doctor?'

'Because he was always Coffin!'

I know, I know kinda corny but hey, I made that up all by my lonesome. I'm soooooo bloody clever. LOL.

Other Dr Jim originals;

'Why did the spider want a computer?'

'Because she wanted her own web page!'

Notice how I used the pronoun she as I believe only female spiders weave webs. How about;

'Why did one paramecium make the other paramecium laugh?'

Because he was acting very cilia!'


'Why was the salt molecule making sodium and chloride nervous?'

'Because it had its ion them!'

And finally,

'Why did the lady mold like hanging out with the guy mold?'

'Because he was a real fungi !'

Don't worry, I wont quit my day job.........yet :-)

dr jim :-)

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