Saturday, November 12, 2011

To Fix This; Eat MORE Fat & Cholesterol---Not Less!

Here’s what I suggested for a patient who’s Lipid Profile and blood sugar showed the following;

Total Cholesterol-239


Hi There!

What I didnt like was the HDL at 37. Were you fasting for these labs? I would suggest to my patients to eat MORE fat & cholesterol and definitely back off on the carbs even more, dropping to no more than 10 grams carbs per meal. With an HDL at 37 this puts you at increased risk for a heart attack which is why I would recommend a statin drug NOT for cholesterol lowering, but for plaque stabilization. Make sure you take Coenzyme Q 10 along with the statin (at least 200 mg a day), I'd want you on at least a low dose aspirin (as long as you have no medical reason against taking aspirin) and I'd want 4 grams of fish oil a day. The interesting thing is that you actually need to INCREASE your cholesterol! This is because you need to increase your HDL (again, by eating MORE fat & cholesterol) and when HDL increases it will drive up your total; so ignore your total. Oh, and ignore your LDL as well. Another interesting point is that when triglycerides (tgs) get close and below 100, the molecular characteristic of your LDL changes and it actually begins to help the HDL.

Another reason why we ignore the LDL is because it is a calculated number. As your HDL increases, driving up your total cholesterol and your triglycerides drop even further, based upon the mathematical calculation the LDL will INCREASE, not decrease; this fact cannot be emphasized enough; yet doctors miss this point ALL the time. Once your HDL hits 50 I would drop the statin. Hope this helps :-)

Oh, before I forget, I didn’t see a test known as the HgBA1c, or Vitamins B 12, Vitamin D 25 hydroxy (total), Folic Acid or a TSH; these are tests that also should be checked especially the HgBA1c as your sugar was a little high. Oh, and write down all the foods you eat for a week and e-mail me the list so I can see if you’re getting some hidden carbs somewhere.

Dr jim :-)

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