Saturday, April 7, 2012

The IatroGenocide Continues!

Check out this article and then read my comment below!

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My comment,

First off, let me commend Zoe on an excellent article correctly analyzing that ridiculous study! As a Board Certified Family Physician and Clinical Biochemist with 20 years of experience treating actual, live, breathing, real human beings who suffer from obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and who at times succumb to cancer; I knew as soon as I heard and read about that study that it should never have been published.


Because the focus was on the consumption of red meat (processed and/or unprocessed)and the statement that even a small serving of red meat a day statistically increases(d) one’s risk for that ever present downer known as death was a ridiculous and yes ‘arrogant and erroneous’ comment made by researchers who just wanted to get ‘something’ published

Well here’s the problem and it’s a BIG one. I am in the front lines of medicine and i treat patients on a daily basis with the diseases as delineated above. The problem is that when my patients eat MORE red meat (or meat in general, even if it is processed, I can hear the ‘OMG’ sigh emanating from all the readers at this point) the disease process they are dealing with gets BETTER ladies & gentlemen NOT worse! The MORE my patients consume red meat, and meat in general, and the LESS fruits and whole grains and some veggies likes carrots and corn they eat——THEY GET BETTER, NOT SICKER!!!!!

How do I define better? Let’s see, simply stated, the MORE meat and the less whole grains and fruits consumed equates with lowering of blood sugars to a normal range, lowering of elevated triglycerides to a normal range, raising of HDL (the protective cholesterol), loss of weight, normalization of blood pressures—ALL USUALLY WITHOUT THE USE OR NEED FOR MEDICATIONS!!! I’m using bold here people because we can play around all we want with multivariate statistical analysis lines/plots/curves/Z lines or whatever, but the fact of the matter is exactly what Zoe stated–to make the claims as stated in this article is indeed ‘ignorant and erroneous’ and downright deadly!

What was that statement, ummmm “There are liars, there are damn liars…and then there’s statistics.” Mark Twain

My major problem with this article (by the way I cannot even use the word research because I’m sure the ‘proud authors’ of this paper probably just plugged some numbers in their Excell Spreadsheets to come up with all this ‘crappy’ data) is that not only will most doctors, nutritionists and dietitian buy into the fallacious results; the real victims will be the vast multitudes of people who will be told that eating red meat is bad for them, wont eat it because they think that to be true, and then will go on to develop uncontrolled high blood pressure & blood sugars, high fats in the blood, low HDLs and the list goes on.

Gee, what a shocker that Dean Ornish was one of the ‘reviewers’ of this article. He takes credit for converting the ex-president into a Vegan, does he also take credit for Clinton’s heart attacks and failing health?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—”Vegetarians are the sickest people in my practice and they require the most medications to treat their myriad disease processes.”

…and they wonder why the main title of my book is GENOCIDE…

Thank you for your time.

Dr. James Carlson BS, DO, MBA, JD

P.S. And yes, I am still upset I didn't make up the portmanteau 'IatroGenocide.' Don't worry, I'll get over it eventually...:-)

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