Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Website Down.....but not forgotten??

Unfortunately (or maybe really fortunately) my website was taken down by my host server(or). This is the site. My apologizes to anyone who attempted to view this site and was unable.

Unfortunately the cost of maintaining the site became cost prohibitive. Also included with that was my e-mail address which I thought was pretty cool until I no longer could afford it. I am working on creating a new e-mail address so everyone can get ahold of me, but I'm still working on it. I have but forgot my darn password, oops; I think I may know what it is so patience please :-)

The reality was that I really only used the website to allow my patients and others to read the first couple chapters of my book for free. No worries as I'll place the chapters here on my Blog for all to read, and oh yeah, this Blog is free for me as well :-) so I don't have to worry about being shut down here.

The other thing is that my website was like really, ummmm, boring. There were no changes made on it for years and my lovely wife Gloria had to gently break it to me that she (and others) thought my website, errrrr, let's be nice, stunk; she knows I'm very sensitive at times...

To be legally and factually accurate, what was done by my host was 100% legal; it's the ethical/moral part of it I'm having a difficult time with; at least they could've shot me an e-mail like they did in the past to let me know I was past due; and to be fair to my emotions, I was shouting expletives when I first realized what had taken place...remember my anger management issues?..and my poor dogs scurried into hiding places heretofore unnoticed by me due to my vitriolic tirade; their hiding places would make a preadolescent profoundly envious during an intense hide-and-seek adventure...don't worry, I'm all better now...

Ahhhh, but as the perennial optimist as well as proactive kinda guy I am, I immediately saw the positive side to what had transpired; it was the proverbial fire being lit under my gluteus maximus, medius, minimus and pyriformis; you know, the wake up call that I needed to create a better, more dynamic website. So yes, I'm working on that now too. Don't know if it'll be as I don't know if I lost that URL, but no worries as I'll let everyone know as soon as I know myself. And, ummm, if you've tried to send me e-mail using on or about September 7th, I didn't receive it. As soon as I know my new e-mail I'll post it here.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding!

Good night to all! I'll be posting chapters of my book in the days to follow.

dr jim :-)
currently without a website...but with an astounding Wife, a  Blog and Twitter account and a very optimistic demeanor :-)


  1. Love you Dr Jim, and miss you! (Ron & Grace too) Tweet me @Merryheart

  2. So nice to see your blog again Dr Jim ! Been missing you !