Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Ignorance Continues! A Very Important Question...or, Shame On You Grandma!

I was reviewing my comment sections and came across this recent question regarding the Paleo lifestyle. I'll post the question first then my reaction....ummm, I mean response. I must admit when I read this question my immediate visceral response was a vehement "Are you kidding me!!??"  directed at the profoundly ignorant biological grandmother, who represents, unfortunately, the abysmally and continually ignorant majority. Any ways, here's the question;

Dr. Carlson,

My question was about feeding a 3 year old child a low carb paleo diet. My girlfriend and I follow a low carb paleo diet, not for weight loss purposes but rather for overall health and wellness. Our diet consists mainly of meat (chicken, beef, pork, turkey, fish), non-starchy vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, cabbage and so forth), eggs, nuts (raw mixed nuts), cheese (usually aged cheddar), low sugar fruits (mostly berries), and the occasional dessert (dark chocolate, ice cream). Naturally, my girlfriend's child eats the same food that we do.

Based on the research I have done this type of diet is ideal not only for adults but children as well. However, the child's biological grandmother is alleging that the diet we feed the child is a form of child abuse because it restricts, among other things, whole grains. She has stated an intention to make it an issue in family court and has already contacted CPS. Accordingly, I am feeling a pressing need to contact a low carb pediatric expert and get advice on the diet that we follow.

I understand that without seeing the child in person you couldn't make any pronouncement about the child's health but I was hoping to get a statement on the safety of the diet for a child in general. Again, it isn't for weight loss purposes, but only overall health. It is our desire to instill healthy eating habits into the child while he is young and to ensure that he develops into a healthy adult who will avoid things like diabetes, obesity and other problems associated with the standard American diet in the long run.

Thank you very much for your time sir.
Hello There,
Sorry it took me so long to respond but when I finally got to your question it invoked a ton of deep emotions in me, I had to make a Blog post of my answer. Let me cut to the chase; DO NOT EVER STOP FEEDING YOUR CHILD THE WAY YOU ARE FEEDING THEM!!!!
I hope the bolded locked caps emphasized my point. Hey, when you're right, you're right and you are right! You're research led you down the correct path to understanding the proper way to eat and I congratulate you. Both you and your girlfriend are feeding your children exactly the way they should be eating. OK, I'm not much of a carrot fan because of the high sugar content, but I really cannot complain much because all the other food is right on track.
So the biological grandmother is going to make an issue of how you're feeding your child in family court, and has already contacted CPS because you're not feeding the kid whole grains?
Really? Really?? Really!!!???
Holy WOW!
It's obviously apparent this grandma has no idea that sugar is sugar is sugar. That cholesterol and fat production starts with sugar; both glucose and fructose. She has no idea of the glycolytic pathway and how acetyl coenzyme A, derived from sugar, will ultimately be transformed into both cholesterol & fat. But then again, why would she? Most physicians, dieticians and nutritionists also have no clue as to the correct way to eat, so why would grandma?
To make the suggestion or even the slightest innuendo that whole grains are good for us is just plain wrong! The fact is that the consumption of whole grains, multi grains, seven grains, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, yogurt, oat meal and fruit ARE THE REASONS HEART DISEASE IS THE NUMBER ONE KILLER; WHY WE AMERICANS ARE GETTING FATTER AND FATTER AND WHY THE PREVALENCE OF TYPE 2 DIABETES IS SKY ROCKETING!!!!
So for those of you who think these aforementioned foods are OK, go ahead and eat them and make the drug companies richer. Because the end result is just that; you're going to need a ton of medications to treat the diseases you'll bestow upon yourself by eating those poisons. So congratulations! And don't you dare suggest to those of us who understand the correct way to eat to eat whole grains because YOU are wrong, not us!
No, I am not a low carb pediatric expert, but I am a Board Certified Family Physician in practice for over 20 years, with prior undergraduate training in biochemistry and molecular cellular biology. I have been placing patients of all ages on a low carb Paleo way of eating for over 16 years. I have lost track of the success stories over this time frame but what I do know is the following;
If you want heart disease follow how the American Heart Association tells you to eat. If you want diabetes or to have your diabetes poorly controlled, follow how the American Diabetes or American Dietetic Association(s) tell you to eat; and finally, if you want to increase your risk for cancer follow how the American Cancer Society tells you to eat. And no, the National Institutes of Health, the National Heart Lung & Blood Institute, the ridiculous 'My Plate' campaign, the Surgeon General and Dr. Oz will not escape my wrath because all of you are incorrect as well.
The foolishness has got to stop!
From the misinterpreted rabbit study to the manipulated seven country study up to and including the ignorant McGovern report, our country has been brainwashed into thinking whole grains and fruit are good for us and that we need to avoid that nefarious, pernicious grass feed cow. And don't even think about eating those cage, antibiotic and hormone free eggs, because you will die a horrific, tragic and almost immediate death!
The answer is that we all need to be eating and feeding our children exactly the way this individual is eating and feeding his child! And even though my blog posts are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness, I will be happy to testify on your behalf in Family Court and even in front of the CPS if you wish. It would be my honor! You just have to provide the steak and eggs :-)
My final words, SHAME ON YOU GRANDMA!  I should contact child and adult protective services on you for making the suggestion anyone should eat whole grains.
And so my rant for today has finally come to an end. Enjoy your weekend everyone!
dr jim :-)


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