Thursday, May 14, 2009

Preface to My Book--GENOCIDE


-Zen proverb


I feel compelled to write this book, not to add to the countless dietary books already on the market but to tell the truth. To tell the truth about what has been working in my practice over the last nine years to help thousands of people regain control over their lives. These individuals who suffered from a multitude of medical diseases were helped and oftentimes cured, through simple dietary changes.

With the current information being disseminated by the popular press and well-funded three letter organizations millions of people are being maimed and killed each year, because they believe what theses entities are endorsing.

Millions of people are suffering and dying each year because they believe based on no factual evidence that what they are being told is true. The title GENOCIDE reflects the fact that millions of people are dying right here in America and all over the world as well. This is all due to the continued grotesque dissemination of incorrect dietary beliefs.

Unfortunately, people will continue to die and suffer horrible medical consequences and tragedies unless the truth is told. This is a truth I know and have witnessed first hand in my clinical practice over the last nine years.

I will clearly and logically present the truth about diet in the pages to follow. Sure some, maybe most people will state what I say is wrong. But that is their belief. The evidence I can show and the truth I can reveal, will hopefully allow millions and I wish the world to be and stay healthy for as long as their life on this planet.

Someone once said that it is not true because it works; it works because it is true. We will start our discussion with this premise in mind.

Throughout this book I will make statements only if I have seen it work in clinical practice. Remember, what I am about to say has worked on thousands of my patients over nine years of implementing a particular dietary plan into my patient’s lives. This dietary plan worked for these patients because it is true. Please remember this as you read my book.
I will keep the reading simple. For those of you who wish to engage in further inquiry I will provide the references. For those physicians who hold any doubt about the information I am about to reveal I was once you, but that was nine years ago. Unfortunately it will be physicians, dieticians, and nutritionists all of who were taught incorrectly about diet, that will be my greatest critics. Even though what I write is true and can be proven through presentation of real, tangible, scientific evidence there will still be doubt.

That is too bad. Actually, it is an absolute tragedy. Through the ignorance of the very individuals who are supposed to supply us with the knowledge on how to eat healthy, millions and millions of people continue to die each year. Yes, that does indeed constitute genocide.

Millions of people continue to die each year!

And will continue to die unless the truth is told. And I am here to tell it.






Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect

-Mark Twain

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