Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Take on the White House Party Crashers

OK, so this couple allegedly crashed a party at the White House. Though uninvited (on a morning show today they said they were invited, uh huh, then why all the hoopla) they managed to get by, supposedly, the best security the world has to offer, eat a meal, dance, and even shake hands with our President.

Now the couple faces charges because they were able to pull off this amazing feat. This scenario is a prime example as to how most people, including major organizations, tend to focus on the wrong thing and not analyze how or what they should be focused on.

Instead of bringing this couple up on charges, they should be asking this duo how they got by (the worlds best??) security without an invitation. This is the more important issue. What if they were terrorists? What if they were there to not only hurt our President but others at this event?

Thankfully they were not terrorists just two people looking for a free meal, a nice dance floor to rumba on, and to hopefully meet with the most powerful leader of the free world.

Prosecuting the party crashers is missing a major point. Just like saying that eating fat and cholesterol containing foods are bad; the major organizations and societies are missing a major point as well. They are not focused on analyzing what they should be, but instead continue to follow their inquiries down the wrong path, which results in incorrect proclamations about the truth.

When I heard about the party crashers and how they would be brought up on charges, I immediately drew a corollary between that event and the pervasive ignorance about nutritional biochemistry that still holds true today. Some may think it's a far-fetched analogy; but I don't think so. This whole White House party crashing thing just underscores the profound, abysmal ignorance organizations so ostentatiously exhibit, whenever they focus on the wrong issues, and ignore the more pressing ones.

Dr Jim

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