Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Question on My Website...Keep 'em coming!

Hi Dr. Jim,

I've read the first 10 chapters of your book, and would like to find out how I can get a digital copy. I also plan to get a hard copy from Amazon to share with my in-laws, and quite possibly my doctor, who is progressive, holistic, and still not quite on-board with low carb (yet!).

You mentioned in your blog about cholesterol profiles that you would start your patients on a baby aspirin if there was mild thickening on the carotids, which indicates probable thickening on the smaller diameter coronary arteries.

I am 40, and have been back and forth between low carb and the see-food diet (you see food, you eat it), for probably 5 years. I have also been taking a baby aspirin daily for about that long (or nearly daily -- I tend to slack off on supplements when on the see-food diet, ugh).

Should I be overly concerned with coronary plaque, or do you think that I may have headed some of it off with intermittent low carb and the baby aspirin?I have made the commitment for 2010 to go fully low carb, and stay there. No more back and forth. This is a lifestyle change I feel strongly about, and it's time I "git r done."

Also, at some point, would you be willing to do a blog on what effect low carb diets have on thyroid function (if any, good, bad, otherwise)?


My response;

Hi There!

Getting a digital copy is easy. Just send $11.99 to my PayPal account using as the -e-mail and I'll e-mail a copy right on over.

Ahhh, the infamous see-food diet. LOL.

Being that you've been going back n forth between low carb and not, you most likely have little if any coronary artery plaque buildup. Don't know if you're a smoker or overweight, both of which ten to facilitate plaque buildup; if the answer to those 2 questions is no; I would think you'd have very little plaque on those coronary arteries of yours.

Have you had a carotid doppler? I see no reason to even bother if you start and continue forever on a low carb, more fat/cholesterol/protein regimen. Now lets get r done!

As far as the aspirin is concerned, it is only effective while on it and then for about a week after stopping. Remember, aspirin is a platelet inhibitor, making platelets less likely to stick together forming a clot; so the protective effect only lasts while you are on it. As a side note, you can get a similar effect by taking fish oils. These also make the platelets less sticky and have a vasodilatory effect on our arteries, coronaries included.

And yes, I will absolutely blog on low carbs and it's effect on thyroid function.

Bye for now,

dr jim

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  1. Dr. Jim, I've heard that coconut oil improves thyroid function. What do you think of that statement? Are the benefits real and significant enough to make the effort of adding coconut oil to one's diet? Or is this simply an overhyped product for thyroid?
    Thank you in advance!