Monday, January 25, 2010

'Your Google Adsense Account Has been Disabled

Apparently I must have pissed off the people at Google Adsense. I get this message in my e-mail with a more detailed message about how it would be in the best interest of Google and the people who advertise through Google to not allow any more advertisements on my site or through my Blog as well.

Now these were advertisements that were placed on my sites. For anyone who actually clicked on them, they deal mainly with other diets and meds and just other health food products. Funny thing is, most of the advertisements were for diets that just are not right and for products that are a bunch of malarkey.

So why would I allow these ads to be placed on my site in the first place; especially if I disagree with the vast majority of them? Well, why not? Any one who clicked on an add could easily ask me what my thoughts were on a particular product or service; and you have. I felt they stimulated useful dialogue. And most of the time, like I already stated, the product or service was either not helpful and just a waste of money; or in some cases even harmful.

So why shut me down now Google? Obviously someone over at Google, or maybe it was one of their advertisers who actually read the contents of my website or Blog and since I sit at odds with a lot of these useless or even harmful products or diets; they pulled their ads from my sites. I guess Google feared that it would lose millions (billions?) in advertising funds because of me telling the truth.

Am I becoming more popular than I realize?


dr jim


  1. Just as well, Jim!
    Those ads are so distracting and make a site or blog look horribly cluttered. The ads are usually for dreadful things, so it really sends a mixed message to people looking at your site.
    I won't have them at all on my blog.

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  3. Thanks for the comment dr. a! Guess I really don't have a choice now :-)