Friday, July 10, 2009

Do You "Believe it' or is it a Fact?

Let the blogging begin! I will attempt to share with everyone my thoughts of the day or week, as often as possible through this blog. I think, no wait, I know, we're gonna have fun with this :-)

Most of you know me as a low carb doctor. If someone has stumbled upon this blog by accident and has no idea who I am, first off, welcome and second, well now you know I am a low carb doctor.

To arrive at the correct conclusion that eating low carbs and more saturated fat, cholesterol and protein is the safe and preferred way to eat, is a journey. More like an understanding. You see, I did not always know the correct way to eat. For many years I was placing my patients on low fat, low cholesterol diets, and even though these diets did not work to any degree to help my patients; I remained blind and did not 'understand' the correct way to eat for years to come.

This understanding came to me when I started reading Protein Power, by Dr.'s Michael and Mary Eades. It was the proverbial Eureka! that began my understanding of the correct way to eat. The journey, with myself and my wonderful patients, has lasted now a little over 11 years.

I wish to emphasize a point I like to make to my patients when they ask me, after I explain the correct way to eat, if what I just told them is my belief or opinion. I immediately define the difference between a belief and a fact.

A belief can be true or not. A fact is just that, a fact. It is neither right nor wrong, a fact simply is. I used to believe in Santa Claus growing up, this belief, unfortunately, has been shown to be false (bummer).

Now beliefs can, as shown above, be true or false. I like to use the question of "Is the world round or flat?' Ask yourself this question. You'll answer, I hope, that the world is round. Now ask yourself if you 'believe' the world is round. When asked this question directly most people will answer, "Yes, I do believe the earth is round." I immediately counter that no, you do not believe the earth is round, you 'know' the earth is round.

The fact the earth is round is not a belief, it is a fact. It just is. Same is true with the correct way to eat. It is not my belief (theory, supposition..etc), it just is.

By understanding the corect way to eat, most patients will have very little to no need for medications, will live a longer, healthier life, and will not be giving drug companies their hard-earned cash. As an added bonus they wont have to see my face as often either :-)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Dr. Jim

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