Monday, July 20, 2009

Still Buying Into the Low fat Myth

So I am online at the Deli getting my Chef salad with blue cheese dressing and the 2 people ahead of me have ordered what they believe to be healthy food. Notice how I ordered low carb :-)

I saw salads galore-not a bad thing until you consider the bagels, Thousand Island salad dressing, the regular juices (which contain alot of sugar) and the cookies for a snack. This was what the kids were eating and, of course, it is way too much sugar. Absent was the fat, cholesterol and protein from this lunch that a growing child's body needs to grow and be healthy.

The gentleman in the white coat (doctor?) ordered a bagel with light creamcheese (that is, low fat creamcheese) and was very specific that he only wanted the creamcheese to be spread lightly.

It is an absolute tragedy that these people are eating this way, having not a clue they are increasing their (and their children's risk) for heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and many other disease processes. When will we get it? That is, when will we doctor's finally get it.

Imagine if everyone knew how dangerous following a low fat/low cholesterol diet was. I can guarantee the Government would slap a tax on high carb containing foods, just like they tax alcohol and cigarettes. Let's face it, carbs are just as addictive as alcohol and cigarettes-even more so. We actually go through withdrawal when we lower the amount of carbs we eat; and this withdrawal is similar to what one experiences withdrawing from alcohol or cigarettes.

I just hope the day comes soon when everyone understands the dangers inherent in the overconsumption of carbs.

Dr Jim

Tip of the day: Cantaloupe is actually pretty low in carbs, containing about 6-7 grams of carbs per half a cup.

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