Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Houston: We Have a Problem!

Ok, so an object the size of Earth collided with Jupiter destroying its atmosphere as a result of the collision. An amateur astronomer from Australia reported this event to American 'Professional' astronomers.

Does this not frighten anyone? Shouldn't the professional astronomers, from any country for that matter, shouldn't they have picked this up? If an object the size of Earth could be missed by all the telescopes and satellites we have monitoring space, well, what else are we not seeing?

This is a perfect example of how easily things are missed, especially when they are right in front of us. Take, for example, eating low carbs. We have all the data right in front of us. We have the successes of the prior clinical trials all pointing to the effectiveness of following a low carb life-style, yet the vast majority of doctor's still do not 'believe' and certainly do not understand the importance of placing patients on a low carb eating style.

Heck, I was blind for at least six years after I had graduated my residency to the importance of low carbs. Having been on both sides of the fence, that is, using low fat/low cholesterol and now using a low carb approach; I have witnessed the effectiveness of low carbs firsthand in thousands upon thousands of patients. Why is the medical profession still blind?

The amatuer asronomer from Australia represents the lay public who understands the importance of low carbs; and the professional astronomers represents the medical profession who continues to 'miss' the fact that low carb lifestyle changes are very beneficial in many different disease processes. Let's face it, more laypersons than physicians understand the importance of low carbs; why is this so?

Oh well, I guess I should be happy that Earth sized thing didn't collide with us :-)

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