Tuesday, August 25, 2009

7 to 9 Teaspoonfuls of Sugar??!!

So the American Heart Association has demonstrated their extreme dietary ignorance yet again. Last night, the evening news stated the AHA recommended that women consume no more than 7 teaspoonfuls of sugar a day and males were/are allowed 9. This equates to 28 grams of sugar a day for females and 36 a day for males. The female anchor made the witty comment that "Once again, males are allowed more than women."

Of course I was at first shocked and then wondered why I was shocked. I already know the AHA drops the ball way far of the goal line when it comes to dietary recommendations. One must remember that this sugar intake is in addition to the whole grains and fruits that they already recommend we all eat on a daily basis. The AHA has absolutely no understanding that sugar is sugar is sugar.

It is sad that the very organization which is supposed to be protecting is, is in fact putting us in harms way. When will they understand that sugar is sugar is sugar? How can they even remotely suggest that it is OK to have table sugar on a daily basis, when it provides us with no nutritive value whatsoever? How can they continue to support the consumption of large amounts of fruits and whole grains on a daily basis, when all this does is supply our bodies with what we need to make plaque forming deadly cholesterol and get us fatter and more insulin resistant?

One word helps explain why----Ignorance. This is dietary ignorance at its finest.
Way to go AHA, you should be ashamed of yourself!

Dr James E Carlson B.S.,D.O., M.B.A., J.D.

PS-I'll talk about our furry friends maybe tomorrow. I just felt compelled to comment on the riduculous guideline the AHA just published.

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  1. Dr. Jim, Once again you've nailed it on the head. I've been a low carber under your care for 13 months now and have finally gotten around to posting although I've been reading your blog for some time.
    Sugar is the devils food and since I've been low carbing, I've lost 48# and 1/2 my triglycerides and gained 22 pts on HDL. What's my total cholesterol ? Who cares. What's my LDL ? Who cares. BP meds ? No more thanks to you.
    You rock !!


    i've read Genocide, twice as well as Taub's "bible."