Monday, August 10, 2009

Jelly Fish Have No Brains

I found this to be amazing. Seems to me that when most doctor's analyze a lipid profile, they use a jellyfish mentality when looking at the numbers. They emphasize the total cholesterol and calculated LDL, the two numbers which offer the least useful information; and use these numbers to determine if one should be started on a cholesterol lowering medication.

We learned in an earlier blog that the term 'cholesterol lowering medication' is really a misnomer as most people's cholesterol needs to be raised, not lowered. Specifically, the HDL needs to be raised. So by saying we are starting someone on a cholesterol lowering medication is truly misleading.

The fact is, total cholesterol is an absolutely irrelevent number, let's all stop thinking that it is more important than it is.

Dr Jim

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