Thursday, August 27, 2009

Low Carbs and Man's Best Friend

First off, isn't 'man's' best friend a bit gender biased. Shouldn't it be more like everyone's best friend or people's best friend. Since everyone is not a dog lover, or animal lover for that matter, I guess those two are out. So forgive the politically incorrect colloquialism and on with my blog.

I have been involved with low carb (lc) dieting for so long (over 11 years now), that I have had countless reports of how people have placed their dogs on lc diets to help their dog lose weight with excellent success. I currently have an 18 month old yellow lab who I provide lc food to who is in great shape. The point of this blog is to discuss the benefits of feeding our doggies the lc way.

Whenever I purchase food for Princess (my yellow lab's name in case you're wondering) I always read the ingredient list and make sure the first ingredients are meat or protein related. I wasn't too surprised to see that most dog foods first 3-5 ingredients were carbohydrate laden. We humans think that a fat and cholesterol presence is dangerous in our foods, so why wouldn't we bring this same ignorance to the animal kingdom. I guess it's not enough we're killing off our own species; we need to eradicate the canine world as well.

This is even more prevelant when I read the ingredient list for the dog foods which are supposed to help our canine companions 'lose weight.' It was the same low fat, low cholesterol mentality that we adhere to in the human world.

No wonder we are seeing alot of overweight dogs out there. It is interesting to note the weight of the owner of that overweight pooch; almost always, like doggie, like owner. This is because the poor dog is eating too many carbs as fed to them by their owner, who, by the way, is obviously eating the same way.

Low carb eating is safe for your beloved doggie as well as yourself. In fact, there is a feeding method out there known as BARF, which is an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. The BARF eating style is simply a low carb eating regimen for your pet. It focuses on feeding your furry family member raw foods) obviously, which includes raw meats (as they would find in the wild) along with nutrient rich vegetables and some fruits. Just type in BARF diet in your web browser and you'll get a bunch of hits.

Just a little public service message for all you dog lovers out there.

Dr Jim

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