Thursday, October 29, 2009

Live Web Cast!

Hello everyone! Was down for the count, but I'm back and preparing for my live Web Cast this Saturday. Log on to at 10 am to watch my live Web Cast. I will focus on, of course, nutrition and will expose the 5 biggest dietary myths that most physicians still propagate today.

I am very excited about the show Saturday as I will also answer any questions my viewers wish to ask. A phone number and e-mail will be displayed so anyone can call in to ask not only nutritional questions, but any medical question for that matter.

Hope everyone is doing well! The Web Cast will last about an hour. Hopefully I wont choke when the cameras go on :-) But that would be fun to watch too, I guess. LOL.

Let me know how I do.

Dr Jim

1 comment:

  1. Hi Dr. Jim,

    Looking forward to the webcast.

    I figured I'd tell you about more dietary ignorance.... I'm exposed to it all the time and I can't stand it. A co-worker was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and high cholesterol ( he didn't know details, just that it was high.) The doctor told him to eat the same foods , just less of it and you'll be fine - and here's your scrip for meds. I see what he brings for lunch and this meal alone must be 150g of carbs. Rice everyday, tons of bread etc. He knows how I eat and knows about my success - he saw me go from 223# to 176#. why don't they listen ?