Thursday, October 22, 2009

More On Quitting Smoking

I only placed the quit smoking banner yesterday and have received numerous e-mails asking me the difference between the 'natural' way to quit versus this new e-cigarette that is now available.

The difference is that the banner I placed on my Blog yesterday, which I'll place again today, uses a homeopathic blend to create an aversion to cigarettes to aid in quitting. The e-cigarette, with the 'e' standing for electronic, gives the user nicotine without the 2000-3000 carcinogens one gets by smoking a regular cigarette.

What alot of people do not know is that nicotine does not cause cancer. What causes the increased risk of cancer, heart and vascular problems is the combustion of the tobacco leaf. The combustion of the tobacco leaf releases all the cancer causing particles and it is through this combustion process nicotine is also obtained.

Since the e-cigarette is not a combustion process, no carcinogens are released. What the e-cigarette provides is simply nicotine, which is what the smoker is really after. So basically, all the e-cigarette provides is nicotine without any cancer causing particles.

I had to laugh at the ridiculous statement made by the FDA in regards to the e-cigarette. The comment was made that these safer alternatives should be banned because some of the brands contained up to 4 or 5 carcinogens. Let's see, if I was a smoker, would I rather be exposed to 4 or 5 cancer causing things or 2000-3000. Hmmmm.

I think I know how most of you would answer.

Click Here to view more about the e-cigarette, which I am not opposed to, and feel it really does provide a safer alternative to smoking a tobacco cigarette.

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Dr Jim

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