Monday, October 5, 2009

Sugar is Sugar is Sugar

I just wanted to take some time to reiterate to my readers this very important point. Please always remember that sugar is sugar is sugar. This is such an important point that it bears repeating it to yourself a thousand times a day.

By remembering this simple saying, you will not fall victim to the incorrect thinking that our body's somehow use a glucose molecule differently, if it comes from different food sources. For instance, the medical profession, registered dietitians and nutritionists alike, think if a glucose molecule comes from whole wheat bread it is somehow treated differently than if it came from a cake or candy item. The glucose molecule will be treated the same by our body no matter where it came from.

Now do not think I am promoting the consumption of cakes and candies over whole wheat bread. I am not. Actually, I wouldn't promote the consumption of either as they all contain high amounts of glucose in them. What happens once the glucose molecule gets inside our cells is that it will be converted into plaque forming deadly cholesterol as well as the fat we call a triglyceride. These are the facts.

Please do not forget that the sugar fructose, found in fruits, will also be converted into plaque-forming deadly cholesterol. Again, this is a fact. For some reason the medical profession thinks that the sugar fructose is somehow better for us, but the facts are that it is transformed into cholesterol and triglycerides faster than glucose.

I present the facts, but yet I am seen as being controversial. Interesting....

Well, I'm going to keep this one short as I am feeling a little under the weather today. Need my rest.

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Dr Jim

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  1. You said: "I am feeling a little under the weather today."

    I guess a big sugary cupcake isn't the answer?

  2. Unless, of course, it is a low carb cupcake :-)

  3. Sucrose is broken down faster than fruit sugar and different than whole wheat bread right? According to the sites I have read i.e Wiki. One changes into the other and vice versa but is it used the same when it all comes down to it? Or is the impact or lack there of on insulin the factor to look at?.