Friday, August 12, 2011


So I'm reading through a best-selling book on diet last night. The title was Eat This, Not That. I don't remember who the author was, nor do I care to; I just remember something about him being an editor or something for Men's Health. The problem with this best-seller was that most of the information was and is just plain wrong. To make statements (not verbatim from book) like Don't use mayonnaise or stay away from cheeses is entirely 100% ignorant.

You see, the book's premise is that calories and fat are bad for us, but this belief is simply not true. How and when did simple basic nutritional facts become misunderstood? Why is the new "My Plate" campaign not being seen for what it is--------it is simply perpetuating ignorance and is the food pyramid in disguise.

I just completed going through a few hundred consults from various providers--Cardiologists, Endocrinologists, Nephrologists---and the dietary advice WAS ALL WRONG!!!!

My gripe or frustration with best-selling books as mentioned above is just that--they're best-selling. So millions of people are reading that stuff thinking it's true, while all the while most of the information is just plain wrong! I just checked what the best-selling book on nutrition was at and came across The 17 Day Diet Workbook: Your Guide To Health by Dr. Mike Moreno. So of course I want to read more and the description did not surprise me at all; it is the same politically correct way to eat we have seen again and again. As calorie is mentioned throughout I immediately knew that while some contents may be accurate, the premise of the book will be completely flawed. Without even reading this book I know with a very high degree of certainty that there will be a focus on calories and avoidance of fats. My point again is this; millions of people are reading this book and remain convinced of the calorie's importance, even though it is absolutely irrelevant in human nutrition. Chapter Six of my book explains what the calorie really is. CLICK HERE to read.

Anyway, yes, I am jealous my book is not number one (yet :-), or even in the top 400,000 best-seller list :-( but I know that when someone purchases a copy, either online or in my office, they will get the correct info on the correct way to eat. I really don't care for politically correct anything, I think I'm getting to old for that stuff. As a great example of this I came across a book in the top 20 called Go The F--- To Sleep, which by the way was number one in Parenting and Families and number 4 in entertainment. Other books which caught my eye were Monsters Eat Whiny Children, Raising The Perfect Child Through Guilt and Manipulation and All My Friends Are Dead. Yes, I am ordering these books, but through my kindle of course because it's cheaper :-)
All right, I, myself have whined enough today (I guess the monsters will get me tonight :-) Have a great weekend everyone! And if you're not doing it yet, go follow me on Twitter!

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  1. I have to agree, that "Eat this, not that" nonsense makes me cringe. And the NBC Today Show must be getting a cut from the sales because they have segments all the time spouting this nonsense.

    I love to watch peoples eyes bug out when I tell them how much FAT, especially Saturated Fat, that I eat. And then throw in that I don't eat any grains because I don't think they are good for me and their little heads short circuit.

    Love your blog, thanks for sharing your rant with us!

  2. Dr. Carlson,
    You should get out and noticed by the large paleo / low carb blogosphere and you'll probably attract more readers to your blog and to by books. Another voice with expert credentials would be good. Check out 'Whole Health Source', 'Perfect Health Diet', 'Mark's Daily Apple' and 'Free the Animal' and join the frey!!