Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Massive Dietary Delusion

A delusion is defined as a 'fixed false personal belief.' When it comes to the correct way to eat there is a massive delusion in thinking that low fat, low cholesterol is the right way to eat....it is not. Either I am correct when I tell my patients to lower their carbs and eat more fat, cholesterol and protein..or I am not. Since I have seen patient after patient for the last 14 years now (i've been practicing for over 20) do phenomenally well when they start eating less carbs and more of the things they've been brainwashed to think are bad for them, I figure I must be on to something here :-)

Oh wait, "what about the long term effects of eating that way"my delusional critics often exclaim. Well, umm, the long-term effects are that people will stay healthier longer and will require very little if any medications.

To continue to believe low fat, low cholesterol diets are healthy, is to continue on in a delusional state. But how do we cure this delusion? No amount of antipsychotics will change the delusional dietary thinker around, the eureka moment has to come when they (and 'they' represents millions and millions of people and huge, oftentimes government funded 3 letter entities) begin to understand the correct way to eat.

Hey, I'm not even talking about complicated biochemical facts, I'm talking about basic nutritional biochemistry here. Such as cholesterol and fat production starts with glucose and fructose; that the more insulin one secretes (as a result of eating carbohydrates), the fatter we get, the more cholesterol we produce, the more cell damage occurs.....I can go on and on here but my point is that the reality, the truth of the correct way to eat is out there, one just needs to understand it.

I had the pleasure to speak with a producer for the Martha Stewart show last Friday and when I explained the correct way to eat to her, she exclaimed what many people still think "I've never heard that before, that is a very interesting concept." Those of us who understand the correct way to eat need to continue to tell others, so that they may be as healthy and enjoy life longer, healthier just like us.

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dr jim:-)
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